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As representatives of each association in the Coalition, we work with members of Congress on legislative proposals. Additional associations of affected industries are welcome to join this initiative. For more information, please contact one or more of the representatives below.


Julie Broadway

American Horse Council

Hillary Jochmans

Custom Tailors and Designers Association

John McClelland

American Rental Association

Tracy Taylor

International Associations of Amusement Parks and Attractions

Eben Peck

American Society of Travel Advisors

Marla J. Calico

International Association of Fairs and Expositions

John Cudahy

International Council

of Airshows

David Byrd

National Ski Areas Association

Dr. Jamie Meyer

Performance Racing Industry

Dwayne Thomas

Live Events Coalition

Greg Chiecko

Outdoor Amusement Business Association

Alicia Calzada

National Press Photographers Association

Luc Boulet

Professional Photographers of America

Daniel Ingber

Specialty Equipment 

Market Association

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